Rameking Reference Number PYR At the beginning of this blog is the statement that a lot of these ramekins are coming onto the market as people pass away. Such is the case with these. I bought them from a man who does house clearances. They were most likely a wedding present back in the mid s. Pyrex is a name for glassware introduced by the American Corning and Incorporated in Originally Pyrex was made from borosilicate glass. Their website tells the story that their scientists developed a heatproof glass for railway lanterns. Originally used in industrial applications, it became used as home ware when Bessie Littleton, wife of one of the Corning scientists asked him to bring home some glass to replace her broken casserole dish. He brought her the bottom of some battery jars.

M inside a circle: Maryland Glass Corporation

January 22, at Specifically looking for Maryland Glass artifacts for our museum room. I also have interviewed about a dozen Ex-Maryland Glass Corp employees.

Sponsored by World ® is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated. © Corning Museum of Glass.

I have been spending a little time hitting up the sales. Estate sales, garage sale and a couple of auctions. And finally bought the Hazel Atlas measuring cups. That have the “Kellogg’s” brand name embossed in the bottom of the cup. These depression glass, measuring cups were mass produced. And had been part of a give away from Kellogg’s many decades ago.

And I seem to go through periods where I see them everywhere. I decided that it might be time to purchase a couple of them.

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I used a picture of a box sold on Trade Me in order to remake the graphics. I recall well how they were heavily advertised on television in the late s and early s — it was on relentless rotation! However it may have been forgotten that Surprise were around long before that; as far back as the s in New Zealand with pea and bean products — both dried and frozen.

Initially I wrote this article on the premise that the Surprise brand likely started out as a subsidiary of J. History is confusing around how the Crest brand passed from one owner to the next.

Santa Fe Trading Post has photos of Corning Ware patterns. Vintage Purses Purse Frames Vintage Hats Folding Fans Perfume Bottles. Gay Fad Gay Fad book Sets Singles Souvenir Glasses Pyrex Salts & Peppers Spoon Rests Tupperware Vintage Glass. L. Lamps & Lighting.

Advice on equipping a kitchen in the 19th century Catherine Beecher had firm ideas about what was needed for a well-run household. Her list for the s kitchen in the USA included: In a prosperous American household in a “prudent and generous mistress” would supply her cook “with ample provision of all such things as her important department requires All these articles are indispensable, and there are a great many other useful implements which modern ingenuity has brought into use, and which it would be well to introduce into a fully-arranged kitchen.

Mary Ann Bryan Mason A book aimed at an English couple setting up home in a small cottage in the first half of the 19th century advised: A good copper tea-kettle is the most durable this is an article I don’t know how to persuade you to do without, though some writers cry out bitterly against it. The round shape will be two or three shillings cheaper than the oval, and bears mending better. It is not quite so fashionable, but that you have too much good sense to mind.

The beauty of a copper kettle is in its durability and brightness, not its shape; and the two or three shillings saved will buy you a handy little saucepan, or gridiron, or frying-pan: You should have two strong iron pots, of different sizes; one or other of which, I hope, will be in frequent use. I would wish a working man to have a bit of something hot most days. One pot might do, but not so well, for this reason, you cannot boil anything large in a small pot; and though you might boil what is small in a large one, there would, by so doing, be more firing and time taken up than is necessary.

For any very nice, particular purpose, such as boiling milk, starch, or gruel, there is nothing answers better than bell-metal or brass, which also lasts long. A Nottingham-ware [brown stoneware] pot, with a lid, to hold a gallon or two, is very useful; especially if you have an oven:

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Evaluate, Identifying And Or Dating Information For A Vintage Sewing Machine Relics Because I am getting so many requests to provide information on, research, identify and date sewing machines, I simply can not continue taking the time to do the required research for free. I need them to be dpi and to pixels in size.

That way there is quite a bit of detail and they fit nicely on my monitor for viewing. I must know if it sews and be able to determine if it is complete.

Sep 22,  · Hola! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellentAuthor: M Cubed.

She received it NIB and it came with a round rattan trivet! Pyrex designer Daisy 1 qt covered round casserole with Rattan Trivet. The side of the box reads: A beautiful and practical gift. A sparkling accent for any table. The bottom of the dish reads B. Thanks so much Shannon for helping us solve another Pyrex mystery!! It was a hostess party gift for Stanley products, one of the many collaborations Pyrex has done over the years.

The pattern has tiny gold flowers that reminds us of a stencil design, on a lovely soft pink background. The set includes a round casserole with a matching knobbed glass lid and a warming stand.

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Pyrex glass ovenware Pyrex glass ovenware has been essential kitchen equipment since the early twentieth century. It was first marketed in the UK just after the First World War and became a hit with many households. Top London stores Harrods and Selfridges proudly advertised Pyrex cookware. These designs had a timeless elegance that make them just as good today as they were in the 50s and 60s. Corning developed it from glass used to make lamp bowls for the US railroad.

The railroad needed the lamp bowls to be hard wearing and stand extremes of temperature.

Jul 26,  · The term “Vintage” references items from thes s and typically anything at least 50 years old can be considered Vintage. An Antique on the other hand should be at least or more years old to be classified as an Antique.

Zodiac about the pattern reference This main purpose of this picture guide is for quick Vintage Pyrex pattern identification. We will replace older pictures and patterns as better ones are obtained. For further clarifications check for Pyrex on Ebay. You can now view various subsets of the listed pyrex patterns. There are links with bullet points near the top of the page to facilitate this. We will be adding more of this functionality as time permits. You can click through into the sub-pages of each pattern for more information IF a sub-page exists for it.

In order to save space, we may not list every single pattern variation for different item types on these pages. We’ll try to list multiple pictures of a particular pattern only if they are considerably different on items i. A pattern marked as “Unknown” may be completely unknown. Sometimes pieces are known to be “Promotional” but do not have any official name, so we or others have given it a name.

Also, we’ve sometimes given a so-called “known” promotional piece a more descriptive name to help better identify it i.

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November 30, Meet Emily from Emily’s Vintage Visions – one of the most talented vintage historical sewers around! Tomorrow Tony and I will be making our way back home from our lovely time spent over the past few days in Vancouver , but first, I wanted to share this month’s exciting new “Meet a Fellow Vintage Blogger” interview post with you. Emily from the site Emily’s Vintage Visions. Emily is not only an incredibly talented seamstress, great blogger, and sweet-as-all-get-out lady, but she also shares my passion for launching innovative ways to bringing the online vintage community together, such as the two fabulous vintage fashion contests that she held on her blog this year you may recall my post from October about the fall one.

A creative, smart, terrific person, you never know what Emily is going to show us or come up with next, and that is a big part of the appeal of her beautiful blog, as well as why I was all but hopping up and down with excitement over the fact that I got the chance to interview her her this month. Join me, won’t you as we get to know this stellar lady and her immeasurable passion for sewing and historical costuming even better!

Find and save ideas about Pyrex cookware on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Vintage pyrex, Pyrex vintage patterns and Vintage pyrex dishes.

Saturday, February 6, Fiestaware Identifying Marks Any lover of the thrift knows to scoop up Fiestaware if found on the cheap. The rare find being an exciting score for it’s vibrant colors, distinguishable style, and if you know how to spot vintage, its lucrative possibilities. New or old Fiestaware is a welcome and uncommon thrift store find, it just so happens the latter won’t bode well for resale. As it typically stands I’m one to find out how to recognize a valuable piece post sale and a not so valuable piece post purchase.

And so it goes with the recent score of Fiestaware mugs and saucers. They sure are pretty but a SwagBucks search later and I discover I could head right over to Macy’s to complete a nice little breakfast set. Take a look at this logo, it’s an ink printed logo and the letters are all capitals. According to the blog Discount Fiestaware this is a tell tale sign that my Fiestaware is not that rare bird created before

Glass Bottle Marks: Glass Manufacturers’ Marks

The name was sold off to a company that went bankrupt. Fern One more reason I will prize the old Pyrex baking dishes handed down from my grandmother. Brian Too This seems like a very plausible failure mode for a dish. Just imagine accidentally burning a casserole. Lots of people would take the dish out of the oven and put it in the sink, either with or without water in the basin.

Vintage Pyrex – read up on Pyrex before hitting the estate sales this weekend. Find this Pin and more on Pyrex by Brittany Frost. Vintage Pyrex is highly collectible and comes in many colorful patterns.

So, I found my first one at an antique store in Comfort, TX near where I lived … a 4 oz Evenflo glass bottle with the black ring and disc- perfect! It was the black ring and disc that were the hardest to find, as well as the vertical Evenflo name on one of the sides of the bottle. The local Salvation Army Thrift Store manager would see things come in and hold them for me I was in there many times a week- big entertainment in the small Texas town I was living in.

That grew into wanting to get a bigger representation of how babies were fed over the many, many decades of bottle-feeding. Evenflo bottles- from the early Pyrex Evenflo bottles to the vintage translucent pastel plastic bottles. Nipples are always the biggest issue in getting a complete bottle, as latex deteriorates over time. Once I discovered eBay in , it was game on!

I also got some really old hospital nursery bottles from Similac, Enfamil, SMA, Wyeth, and some others I have no clue about, other than some vague assumptions about the general time period they likely came from. Well, eBay to the rescue again! Note the aqua box in the second photo- more on that in a minute! Before nipples, pieces of wool, leather, or even wood would be stuffed in the hole at the feeding end, so the flow rate adjustment would be even more critical.

Latex was a huge deal in improving feeding safety. Various hospital newborn nursery and pediatric floor bottles- from the 50s — early s; also Storck Rexall , and other drugstore type bottles for use in homes.

Corelle Butterfly Gold

Anybody know the name of this pattern and approximately when CW produced it? If so, please email me and both Priscilla and I will be very grateful! Mike in Australia sent me this picture of his coffee pot.

Find more new free classified ads in USA: Vintage set of 3 pyrex amish butterprint casserole dishes minty for sale Shop online Cheap price Best deals Best-selling Best price Top trend Purchase low price Vintage set of 3 pyrex amish butterprint casserole dishes minty , New Used.

Here is the scoop Glasbak was the original spelling for McKee’s ovenware, but was changed to Glasbake sometime later. Thatcher Glass sold the Mckee factory in the s to Jeanette Glass. Markings Glasbake made by Jeanette after usually have a J prefix followed by a number on the bottom of each piece. You will also see sellers refer to their items as “Glassbake”. And some sellers refer to every kind of ovenware as “Glassbake”.

From Oven to Refrigerator The beauty of “Glasbake” was that it was designed to be able to be used for cooking, serving and storing. More and more, returning to the use of glass in today’s kitchen is becoming popular on environmentally conscious homeowners. You will find some later editions of Gla sbake mugs actually marked Microwave safe. The Florences suggest testing earlier mugs by putting them in the microwave for ten seconds and seeing if the mugs gets hot.

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Whittaker and Sons , J. If you want to read about the history of this iconic brand and huge chain of grocery stores, I wrote about it here. At least a couple of those were substantial.

The black Pyrex mug was one of about eight in the store- I only bought one, just to have (again) one in every color, but now I am wishing I had bought them all. They look amazing with my cinnamon colored ones and would be great for Halloween displays.

Grimsby, Ontario, Ships to: There are no significant scratches, rubs; No hazing, nor stains – perhaps a bit of baking residue present in the outer edge, mold-seam glass-overflow – gently used. There are three very small chips and some tiny flea-bites along the upper inner angular edge. There is also a small stress mark, or two opposing scratches, or a very slight crack at the very outer edge – there is no separation of glass, or sign of glass disturbance – so perhaps are opposing scratches from handling.

Reverse-embossed on the bottom button: Pyrex released many more ovenware items in and has continued to do so ever since. Backstamps are helpful for dating pieces in conjunction with the product s which appear on most not all PYREX pieces. Pie-plates were first released “rimmed” – meaning that a flat and distinct rim was affixed or molded into the form of the pie-plate.

This pie-plate was discontinued in , along with the Pie-Plate.

Pyrex bowls surge in popularity