Fans and practitioners of the art are probably familiar with seeing or even experiencing fights end shockingly via the famed Muay Thai roundhouse kick to the body or head. But the process of a fighter being broken down and taken apart gradually with low kicks is no doubt one that is cringe-worthy and certainly much more painful to witness or experience. The effectiveness of the low kick is simple: Knowing this should motivate any Muay Thai practitioner to invest large amounts of their time working on their low kicks. The Lead Leg Low Kick It goes without saying that low kicks are executed either from the lead or rear legs. However, as it is with all the other limbs, low kicks from the lead and rear legs have very different effects on the opponent and serve very different purposes as well. For the lead leg low kick, what it lacks in its ability to generate power, it makes up for in its ability to be executed with blinding speed.

The 10 Types of People You Find Training Muay Thai in Thailand

Training in Muay Thai is a complete body exercise. It is a great way to total body fitness. An experienced practitioner of Muay Thai has the knowledge and ability to execute strikes using eight points of contact. Muay Thai is an especially versatile, practical, straightforward yet challenging martial art that people enjoy, and find the classes exciting to participate in.

In the Muay Thai program we train together as a team. The team aspect builds self confidence, the ability to work together, leadership, respect for others, and a positive mind set.

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How to fire a killer punch from a defensive motion. The rockback is a very useful maneuver and when combined with offensive moves becomes an important aid. Double Jab with Counters: A technique to help you flow well off of your jab. The ability to have a set of viable options that flow off of your jab is something that every fighter needs. Learn the key “base areas” that need to be covered when throwing the right! This drill will teacy you how to stay aware of the weaknesses and openings that occur when you throw a jab.

This is important because you need to know where your openings are to better protect yourself! Get yourself a good “power jab” as taught here to make your opponenet worry about your lead hand as well as your rear hand!! A strong neck reduces the concussion of your brain when you are hit and increases your ability to “take a good shot”. This drill will show you how to train punching while working on your “pit bull” neck at the same time!

The ultimate in mitt training is “freestyle mitts”. Only by learning this drill will your offensive and defensive skills with your hands and head movement “come alive” and flow like a good fighter should. Nothing else teaches this better for the hands than the mitts!

Five Great Ways To Meet Thai Women In Thailand

Strength and conditioning, fitness and physique, nutrition and lifestyle coaching all available – one on one, small groups or team training. Basics of strength training in a 6 week program. Contact me for more info! Pritchard’s Performance Coaching has space available for nutrition and lifestyle coaching for upcoming months of September to January!

Message me for details.

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Italian, Thai, English The maximum participants in the group is 50 Airport transfer available: All rooms are clean, comfortable, and include all the basics you need, like free Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you could relax in the outdoor private swimming pool or catch some sun on the sun loungers! They can currently accommodate up to 50 people at any given time. The gym Kombat Group Thailand has everything you need – whether you are a beginner, a professional fighter, or someone wanting to lose weight and get fit.

You will find a square meter of a fully equipped gym. Three boxing rings, an MMA cage, a large area for heavy bags, speed balls and other sports specific workout equipment, a modern gym perfect for fitness, and weights and functional training. The gym is available at any time you feel the need for your own personal training session. The gym is located in the outskirts of sunny Pattaya just 90 minutes from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport. Kombat Group Thailand believes in Thai methodology and western approach.

They also run a highly effective weight-loss program that combines martial arts, functional training, and an individualized nutritional plan. They don’t just advise you on what to do, they will also explain why. Understanding the reasons behind each technique will make learning so much easier. Kombat Group Thailand has built their gym so that you can spend an amazing holiday in Thailand learning martial arts whilst getting fit and healthy.

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Whether they are people coming in for a few days or long term students that stay for years, each student will fall into certain categories. These categories are not mutually exclusive of each other; which means that some people can fall into multiple categories. You will not find all of these categories training at a single camp, but you will notice them if you visit different camps across Thailand.

Here is a list of the 10 types of people that you find training Muay Thai in Thailand. The Good Timers The good timers are always having a good time. These are people training at a gym for no other reason than to have a good time.

“ The main floor has reception, a small weights room (all new equipment) and a small muay thai training area with a boxing ring in the corner. ” In 2 reviews 7.

July 26, Travis Williams Gear 0 Follow and like us: Muay Thai is a brutal striking art that many MMA fighters practice. Muay Thai is similar to kickboxing but has its own rule set allowing clinching, elbows, and knees. When training Muay Thai you can use regular boxing, however there are many gloves designed for the sport. Some of the best Muay Thai gloves come from Thailand. In Thailand they often use smaller gloves in competition, 10 — 12oz.

However if you want a pair of gloves you can use for all around training you may want to stick with the 16oz. Most boxing gloves are 16 ounces and they are best for all around training including bag work and sparring.

Training at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA, Phuket, Thailand

GSI only ranks fighters under contract. The only objective criterion determining who gets to fight for these titles is how many tickets they can sell. Just as market incentives shape economic behavior, so also is Combat at the Capitale now standing up to a more GSI compatible profile. Pro purses are now the rule, rather than the exception. Appearances can sometimes be deceiving.

There is also a distinct difference between a single elbow and a follow-up elbow. The single elbow is an elbow move independent from any other move, whereas a follow-up elbow is the second strike from the same arm, being a hook or straight punch first with an elbow follow-up.

This is a good list of basic punching combinations for any beginner just learning how to box. These basic boxing combinations should be mastered to the point where you can do them going forwards, backwards, sideways, and with your eyes closed. They will serve you in a wide variety of situations and can be chained together to form even longer, more complicated boxing combinations. Basic Boxing Combinations Jab-Right cross Yes, the basic jab-cross is naturally the first combination you learn how to throw.

The fast jab catches your opponent off guard and the right cross takes his head off. The works because your opponent might be expecting a The is also good if you feel that your opponent is waiting for your right cross to throw a counter. See why the is the Best Boxing Combination. The shift of your weight when you throw the right hand naturally sets the left hook up.

The left hook comes after your right cross and can put some massive hurting on your opponent. You can aim it high at his jaw or low at his body.

28 Days Muay Thai or Boxing School in Pattaya, Thailand

A question that has been addressed to us a few times is: It is unwanted, and leaves lasting physical and psychological trauma, as well as emotional damage. Violence against women is a human rights abuse. GirlFight is a sporting event that features boxing and kick boxing between two consenting women who are trained professionals. The women participating in GirlFight come to the event expecting and wanting to compete, the match is refereed and sanctioned and can end at any time if one of the participants wants to stop, and the sport is based on endurance, technique and strategy.

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It is often in the clinch where knee and elbow techniques are used. The front clinch should be performed with the palm of one hand on the back of the other. There are three reasons why the fingers must not be intertwined. Furthermore the arms should be putting as much pressure on the neck as possible. This clinch is used to briefly control the opponent before applying a knee strike or throw side clinch: One hand around the rear of the neck is used to briefly clinch an opponent before a strike.

Evasion — moving the body out of the way or range of a strike so the defender has to move close again to counter-attack, e.

Basic Muay Thai Techniqes By Champions: Left Hook To The Body