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The year’s content is split into two parts to allow easier page loading for slower browsers. Each year tends to approach the equivalent of typewritten pages. To go to the present time, click on this hyperlink: Here is a heron posing for the camera beside a local stream as our man passed by on a kayak this past weekend. If carried through, the facilities will include a four-story building with a 5, square-foot footprint and some 20, square feet of berthing slips for up to 11 vessels.

The purpose of the facility will be to to improve the ability of ferries to respond in emergencies and serve as a base for ferries, as well as operational control and emergency center.

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Nuclear Power Plant District Docks and Warehouses District High End Retail District Round Square Shopping Center Slice N’ Dice Kills And A Better Life Pickup Trucks and SUVs On The Rag Clothing Phuc Mi Phuc Yue Downloadable Content Pack 1 Achievements Downloadable Content Pack 2 Achievements This will immediately take you to that section of the guide. Please read this if you are contemplating putting my guide on your site. This guide may be posted to any site without any need for prior authorization from the author as long as the following conditions are met:

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Acceptable Breaks From Reality: Yes, some of the stories featured on the show are baloney , but they’re still pretty damned funny. Barnaby the infantilist who got his neck broken from the oversized drop-gate crib he built in “Crib Your Enthusiasm. On the episode featuring the death of a gym teacher who impaled himself in the eye with his own javelin, the students in his class take a picture of his corpse with a camera phone before running off.

The story took place in , well before the days of camera phones and cell phones in general being commonplace.

Homie conversations are a feature of Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV. Contents[show] Overview In Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, recruited Homies may briefly converse with one another. The dialogue may highlight the characters’ opinions of each other, their past, or simply serve.

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Also called “the dragon girl” or “the Dragon Queen” in reference to her ethnicity, and additional terms in later chapters Justin: The Embodiment of Manly Beauty. Also called “The Incredible Hunk” or “the uberhunk” Katie: Also called “the Thin Twin” Leshawna:

Olinda, Brazil. Fresno – United States.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight.

Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in

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When a mirror speaks, the reflection lies You won’t have to follow me Only you can set me free Looking up into the ring, Aries shakes his head as he glances up at Christum Furor and Tsutuomu Nishioka. He walks around the ring, avoiding the outstretched hands of the reaching fans as he makes his way would the broadcast table and points to both Seth and Dick before climbing into the ring.

I sell the things you need to be I’m the smiling face on your TV I’m the cult of personality I exploit you, still you love me I tell you one and one makes three I’m the cult of personality Like Joseph Stalin and Gandhi I’m the cult of personality The cult of personality The cult of personality David Zinkus: And while, yes, you have every reason to be a little pissy He points out to the broadcast table. So make the right choice, David and read the goddamn cards.

Aries thumps the microphone against the chest of David Zinkus, who takes the microphone and the index cards in his hands. He lowers his head in defeat as he sighs into the microphone. The boos are deafening as Aries removes his black studded shades and tossing them out into the crowd. His smile is large and bright as he removes his long black trenchcoat and retreats to a far corner waiting for the match to start.

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Smash that like button. I got a pretty sweet MeetUp happening if you want to synergize. What did we do for a month? A yard run for Seahawks is longest of his career.

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Leave a comment Whoa so I was running around from get together to get together and it is bad enough I have to travel through Forest Park, IL to get back to Oak Park, IL but now there are extras to make the traffic issues even worse in which suburbs like that aforementioned busy enough but these two added aspects just make it stupid. Traffic issues there are never really addressed but somehow the local governments like to add to the misery of all those who travel in their suburban streets.

And somehow the residents of these suburbs just remain silent as unwarranted changes occur all around them. It seems everyone just grumbles about it however when the opportunities to cause change, such as when election season comes about they vote the same way they did before. First, of all there is the construction on Roosevelt Avenue from Harlem avenue to Des Plaines Ave, everything is whittled down to a single lane for a while grinding the traffic down to a crawl.

All I can really see the construction crews are doing is redoing the sidewalks on each side with new concrete and red decorative bricks.

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Share this article Share As well as posting the photographs, Muthana also said ISIS fighters would slaughter any Yazidi men they captured in northern Iraq and would enslave their women and children. Nasser Muthana is a year-old former Cardiff schoolboy who featured prominently in the Islamic State’s first professionally produced English language propaganda video Threat: Nasser Muthana posted a message on Twitter last month warning that the UK government should be afraid of him returning to the country with his new bomb making skills The young jihadist, who describes himself on Twitter as a ‘soldier of the Islamic State’, said last month the UK government should be ‘afraid’ of his bomb-making skills.

He took a picture of a stack of improvised explosive devices stored inside a garage and uploaded them with the caption: The Muthana brothers, who grew up in Cardiff after their father moved there from Yemen as a teenager, are among hundreds of young men from Britain who have flown to Syria to join the rebels. Muthana claims to have found this prayer mat inside the army base. He says it offers devotion to the Prophet Mohammed’s daughter and is therefore in breach of Islamic law as evidence of practicing idolatry Friends: Reyaad Khan left , who is also from Cardiff, appeared alongside Muthana right in the ISIS propaganda video, urging other young Muslims in the West to join them in jihad Their friend Reyaad Khan, 20, also from Cardiff, said he had ‘fireworks’ for the U.

Nasser posted the warning of his bomb-making skills on his new Twitter page abulmuthanna after deleting his previous profile last month. He was reportedly unhappy with the high levels of attention it received following his appearance in ISIS’ recruitment video.

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