Windows updating without permission

Posted by / 06-Jan-2016 10:01

Windows updating without permission

After that administrative approval, the distribution of the client software to PCs talking to the server are automatic.

A PC being managed by a WSUS server will not silently self-update without administrative approval as in the case with a consumer system.

You can even collect data from remote environments and get back the results in a single file. The suggestion was that while the updates appear innocent now, what else is being updated?

What other sinister things are being updated by Microsoft that we don’t know about and haven’t given the OK on? I went directly to Microsoft to get the real story here and wanted to pass along what I was told.

In enterprises, it’s much more common to use Windows Update with WSUS where the process for updating is different: For administrations using WSUS, the recommendation is to turn off access to WU and redirect the clients to the server.The server ships with a version of the WU client on it and the client always checks to see if there is an updated version of itself on the server.However, for the client version of the server to be updated, the administrator must approve an update to the server that updates the client software on the server.When it comes to security, Windows has not had the best track record in the past, though with the more recent versions of the operating system Microsoft has made some significant strides forward in this area.In this ultra connected age, operating systems are constantly evolving and updating as potential exploits are discovered.

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