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At any rate, what you wrote is certainly enough to constitute a review, so if you give me a grade, I'll add it to the Reviews section for you.More lunacy about 50 Shades, apparently it started off as Twilight fan fiction... Shackled wrote: "Maybe suspend her over the "Seat of Death" and slowly lower her down, Only ever did this once as it's very dangerous." No need to lower her slowly.Suspend her so that the spikes just barely touch, then let the body's own elasticity do the rest. It is the ultimate (bad) chick flick, and such a major set-up of the lifestyle that it's absurd to call it anything to do with BD or SM."--looks like it was done by an interior decorator--which of course makes it more acceptable to the chicks).

Oh, except for the fact that he has a chauffeur and pilots his own helicopter and plays the piano and does all kinds of gentle romantic things while waiting for her to close the deal with the contract, visits her family, etc.

Standing in front of Tony was a voluptuous curvy body that quickly spun around with a glass of wine in her hand.

Laughter filled the room as the body bent over in the tight black pants she wore that matched her little black shirt and hair curled up in a big pony tail.

Not just 50, but so many others equip elaborate dungeons for brief and glancing sessions within.

I wonder if there is more material in private collections, or if the director might keep it for himself?

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I also believe there will come a day when Amy and friends mount a new erotic production that not only clicks with us but arouses a sufficient number of people in the general populous to become what one calls a major hit. Even when the film is available to rent, I think I'll still give it a miss.

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  1. What happened between he and I is just between he and I. I would have quit any show where I was not allowed to participate in the process like that. I was very disappointed that my long-time friend and writing partner acted in that manner, that crossed lines to the point where I felt like I had to walk away from STAR TREK, which was something that meant a lot to me for a very long time, from my childhood right through my entire professional career." [cite web | url= title=STAR TREK Profile: Fan-Writer-Producer Ronald D. Kaplan | publisher=Mania (Cinescape) | date=January 18, 2000 | accessdate=2005-10-20 .