Who is wesley snipes dating

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Who is wesley snipes dating

Others shell-out big bucks to ex-wives and child support bills, like Brendan Fraser. Some were able to climb out of the red and back into the black…leather seats of a luxury car!Want to see who has ever fallen on hard times in Hollywood???"I know we've all been hurt, and we're all very wounded," he says, addressing Black women. You've worked hard and you deserve to come home to comforting. Because I've never known one cat, all those cats I've hung out with and still hang out with, who found something that they really, really like and didn't go back to it. It's very simple."When asked for clarification, Snipes emphasizes that he is not saying that a Black woman can not be that type of woman a man wants to come home to. That's something unusual.'"Wesley Snipes has been in the news recently primarily because of his troubles with the Internal Revenue Service.

Jennifer Lopez is having a good year, and it just got better!That's not my flavor."The Asian model and restaurateur he introduces as "my lady, Donna [Wong]" has been Snipes' companion for the past year and a half. "She's got to learn to deal with the love scenes in the movies first," says Snipes as he chuckles. He doesn't want to come home to have a fight with someone who is supposed to be his helpmate. "It was never an issue of the interracial aspect at all," Snipes says, adding that "the only thing we don't have in this film is a Sister."He says there were discussions concerning whether his character's wife should be Black or whether she should be White.When asked if he dates Black women, he says: "Primarily all of my life I've dated Black women.... "Got to get to a place where it's very comfortable."Wesley says he realizes that there are Black women still who get an attitude about Black men with Asian, White or Hispanic women. So it's very natural that he's going to turn to some place that's more compassionate.... "Early on there were concerns about the Black community reminiscing to Jungle Fever, and missing the point of the story," he says. And I've done a lot of movies where I've had White women as my co-stars. So I said, `Well, let me go either Spanish or Asian.Until then, we ain't ready for it." On the personal level, Snipes, a divorced father of a "precocious" 8-year-old son, Jelani, says he enjoys spending time with "spirited" women. It makes him proud, you know, like when the guys come over and your lady comes out with a tray of food and says `I made this up for you.' And the guys are like, `Oh man, you've got a great women.' And the man says, `Yeah, I do.' A man will appreciate it when you're kind and when you're nice."Either the hot-headed ones or the ones who just think they're divas," he explains. "For successful women, it's hard," he continues, obviously quite comfortable and articulate on the subject of relationships. And if he's a man of success and power who happens to be handsome, of course you're not the only one who thinks he's handsome.

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