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In 2002, he established the Tony Hawk Foundation, which provides grants and technical assistance for new skateboarding parks in low-income communities.

To-date, the foundation has awarded over .5 million to 569 public skatepark projects in the U.

But the Bluntslide can definitely be taken to new levels and distances pretty consistently.” Hawk says that his desire to continue to push the level of skateboarding, even in retirement from major competition, is drawn from how he views himself as a skateboarder.

Hawk trusts social media in spreading the message of his brand.Hawk mentioned the brightest members of his skate team by name as riders to look out for in the future.“Evan Doherty landed a 900 when he was just 11 years old. “I think Lizzie Armanto is more established already, but I think she is the most exciting female skater on the circuit today.Hawk’s alteration to the Bluntslide was executing the trick over a gap in the vert ramp.“It’s not like it’s the biggest gap ever, but no one has ever done such a technical trick over a gap that far before,” Hawk says.

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“Above all, throughout my career I’ve always just wanted to be known as a progressive skateboarder,” Hawk says.

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