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His biggest break would be perhaps the critically and commercially successful sexy comedy movie Temptation Island.Currently, he is portraying a married gay man in My Husband’s Lover alongside Dennis Trillo.Just July this year, he was named Breakthrough Artist of the Year by Yahoo! Sexiest moments: He claims in an interview that he feels sexiest when he dances. His heyday as an actor came as early as his first big screen debut!Oh, every girl who has seen him dance has to agree with that! Dennis Trillo Why He’s Extra Hot: This Taurus is widely acclaimed for his acting performances but unknown to many, he used to have a rock band. He received numerous best actor awards for his role as a cross-dresser in Aishitemasu 1941: Mahal Kita.He was a pizza guy and a private driver before he was discovered in a noontime show talent search where won the titular Mr. As “pogi” means handsome, this dimpled, persevering guy totally deserved it!From 1995 up to the present, Jericho always has a show or a movie every year. In the past few years he’s been trying to establish himself as a singer and song writer, forming his band Jeans and releasing two albums, one of which contained all original songs written by him.

Fortunately, Enrique didn’t get bored with small roles and commercials because now he is finally landing one lead role after another! He juggled small roles for four years before landing his first lead role in primetime.

Diet, as he is popularly called, is also a PETA (People Ethical Treatment for Animals) and a foundation for kids advocate!

Birth Date: July 19, 1974His Story: Ala Channing Tatum in body and beginnings, Diether also started out as a dancer at a local escort service pub.

Jericho Rosales Why He’s Hot: Jericho is a male Cinderella.

And his story of rags-to-riches makes him a worthy prince of Philippine showbiz!

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His mom had him audition and with the help of his heart-stopping high cheek bones, aquiline nose and perfect smile, he was launched as the new face of a top toothpaste brand.