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Who is reed timmer dating

Talking about his career, started his career chasing the storm with bare vehicles and cameras.

First of all, whoever wrote that blurb for the New York Post has obviously never had a banana split in Oklahoma. If a hot famous girl is going to break your heart and ignore your advances like they are a flash flood watch in Roger Mills county, at least bounce back by dating someone who is even hotter and even more famous than the girl who denied you.The next step will be to convert a fire truck into a Dominator. Then again, maybe Emily Sutton is getting a laugh out of this.Dating someone who works for Fox News would be like hooking up with a chick you met on Tinder.The hot and dashing American storm chaser and meteorologist Reed Timmer was born in Grand Rapids Michigan, US in March 17, 1980. He showed a keen interest in weather at a very young age.Reed was very much talented and attractive since his childhood and also had a deep interest in sports and other extracurricular activities during his school days. And now he is known as the success full storm chaser Reed Timmer.

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Due to such qualities, he has numerous fans around the world among them he has most of the ladies fans.