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And honestly, I also think that the fact that it is a woman as the center of the show created a certain kind of [response].

It was just interesting for me to read some responses, because I think there’s something about “that kind of woman," a woman who is this kind of New Age spiritual seeker.

And he's glad that the network is willing to throw its weight behind unpredictable shows and characters that actually do feel new and different. They’re not risks like, 'Oh yeah, it’s 'The Sopranos' in politics.'"This interview has been edited and condensed.

Stiller most recently completed production on Noah Baumbach’s “The Meyerowitz Stories” opposite Dustin Hoffman and Adam Sandler.Do you think that those two things are related -- that people are just made uncomfortable by the character and what she represents and what she asks about?Well, you know, I wanted to start with [what some might consider the ending].At the same time, I would look at that show and I’d be like, 'Well, that character is just as grating as Amy!'"He's referring to "Enlightened's" Amy Jellicoe, who's played by the show's fellow co-creator Laura Dern.

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