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"Actually, I've never even physically punched anybody, ever.I'm just not a fighter." His tidy, bordering-on-idyllic childhood reached a high point in 1990, when he was 23 and won a major televised contest called which led to a recording contract with EMI and four hit singles on the Australian country charts.They ran a convenience store in Brisbane, then moved to a farm an hour north when Keith was 10.

Technically, he's a Kiwi, but he was raised in Australia, where his parents, Marienne and Bob, loved country music, always had Glen Campbell, Dolly Parton and Ricky Skaggs on the stereo.

S., the (perhaps) panderingly titled "But for the Grace of God." Ever since then, however, he's steadily expanded not only his own boundaries but also the genre's, bringing to bear influences ranging from Dire Straits to Fleetwood Mac to Bruce Springsteen to Meat Loaf, rocking pretty hard throughout.

On he hired disco don Nile Rodgers to produce the glitter-ball-ready "Sun Don't Let Me Down" and brought in rapper Pitbull for a mid-tune musical break.

Then, in eighth grade, he won the lead in a school production of and got his first taste of fame, with all his classmates wearing promo buttons that featured his picture. "And when the musical started, I suddenly had a lot of girlfriends, which I thought was fantastic, but when the run ended, they all ran. Throughout, he was a good kid who never got in trouble.

Didn't drink much, didn't smoke much dope, didn't have run­ ins with the law, didn't fight.

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All of it adds up to make him a talk show favorite, especially with Ellen De Generes, who always appears comically ready to switch sides for him, and once went so far as to let her hands and lips roam over his entire body, even dangerously low, for a phony-baloney commercial meant to mock-hawk his signature cologne, Phoenix, which is not, by the way, what he's wearing today. In Nashville, he's about as progressive as they come.

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