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Meanwhile, their son, Wolfgang, who turned 20 in March, has been Van Halen’s bassist since 2006.

"I've never had a male friend like I have with Tom," she gushes to the magazine of Vitale, who she has been dating for nearly six years.

They had to blow ashes off the mixing board just to plug in.

They called the studio 5150 (also the name of their first album with Hagar) — police code for dealing with a crazy person.

Given his bride’s line of work — she was a young actress famous for her long-running role as sensible Barbara Cooper on the Norman Lear sitcom ‘One Day at a Time’ — it might have been easy to assume that Eddie’s newfound domesticity was causing the rift in the legendarily hard-rocking band.

Instead, the unlikely couple lapsed into a reckless rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle together.

That's less than a year, shortly after you started with Jenny Craig. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP FROM APRIL 2007) KING: What's the goal?

BERTINELLI: In my opinion, it will -- you know what, I won't know until I get there, how overweight I was. BERTINELLI: Well, you never ask a lady that question, do you?

Behind the scenes, there was a real life struggle with infidelity, weight gain, even drugs. Valerie Bertinelli is thin, in love, telling us all about losing it. it took me like a week-and-a-half to take it back off. KING: What do they do that others don't do or that didn't work for you with other things? And one of them said, you know, you just don't look that heavy. Are you looking at the same picture I'm looking at? But it really was the best decision of my life, the best. I'm like I cannot believe I let myself go this badly. Eddie Van Halen’s well-documented appetite for self-destruction is one big reason ‘Red’ is selling so well.As it turns out, Bertinelli matched him blow for blow. “It took me years after stopping the cocaine before I was able to enjoy a sunrise and enjoy the sound of birds,” she told Oprah Winfrey a few years ago.

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In a TV interview not long after their wedding, Bertinelli said she and her husband had taken a little of “each other’s personality.” He’d calmed down a little, she claimed, while she was getting a little wilder.

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