Who is blake from workaholics dating

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But Blake understands the human condition in ways that Adam and Anders never will.

He enjoys pitting Anders and Adam against each other like Othello’s Iago, if Iago had a sense of humor and a medical marijuana license. Blake is most recognizable by his long curly/frizzy hair and moustache.

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I might be doing a stand up show for comedy central. Take you protein and eat 9-12 medium to large meals a day. Ren and Stimpy 3rd right after "you look like the terminator" and "you gotta fat dick" probably me to both.

I literally cant even string sentences together while I'm stoned. We worked hard on them and churned out a lot of content in a relatively short period of time.

This is what we wanted to do and we took our lil comedy videos serious as fug. I studied beer bongs, screenwriting, and improv in community college. We're younger but those guys are ripped and im pretty sure a few of them have dad strength.

Meanwhile, the Union is also trying to prevent young secret enemies and dark forces that threaten the life of a girl.

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He's the guy at the party who makes a massive cheese and cracker sandwich called the Eliminator. His strange personality makes him interesting, but also misunderstood, which is frustrating because Blake just wants to be himself.