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Or, he or she may be the underdog fighting for some good cause.Whatever the case, dating scammers portray themselves as doing the incredible all while maintaining a seemingly modest and approachable disposition.One of the biggest red flags of an online dating scammer is someone who claims to travel extensively or make trips ‘out of the country’ for extended periods of time.The scammer may claim to be stranded in a remote African country, and require your assistance to get home.Online dating scammers (or predators) are highly adept at manipulating others.They are so practiced in their craft that the red flags to their behavior are typically only realized after someone’s heart (or pocketbook) has been broken.

Even the most astute individual can be drawn in by a skilled con artist.When the jig is finally up, the scammer will likely disappear without a trace and move on to the next victim.What to do in the case of a suspected online dating scammer: Do not answer emails and, if necessary, change phone numbers.What matters most is learning from the experience and maintaining control of one’s online dating experience at all times.However, while most go into online dating with good intentions, there are...

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These are some signs which include love and adoration is professed too early on, messages are coming from another country, impatient ploys to get your personal information, and the desperate pleas for financial help.

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