Vmware snapshots not consolidating

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Vmware snapshots not consolidating

That is actually the first step – know about your situation!

But the next step is to delete the Snapshots and one of the meanest situations are locked files that stop you from doing so.# There are many different kinds of locking mechanism VMware v Sphere uses and I want to start our fix VM snapshot series with a real tough one.

Both age (of the oldest snapshot) and size (total for all snapshots) are monitored.

By default, thresholds are as follows: RVTools RVTools is a free windows application which uses the VI SDK to display information about your virtual machines and ESX hosts.

Nowadays, I think everybody has faced at least once with problems caused by snapshots (or orphaned snapshot).

These problem could be: The delta disk represents the difference between the current state of the virtual disk and the state that existed at the time that the previous snapshot was taken. VMware v Center snapshot trigger VMware v Center provides a way to monitor snapshots.

Recently we have discussed about snapshot best practices and recommendations.

In this article I will show how to monitor and detect (orphaned) snapshots.

When checking the virtual machine log file in the home directory of the VM, the following entry can be found: 2015-03-05T.112Z| vcpu-0| I120: AIOGNRC: Failed to open '/vmfs/volumes/0025909bfda0/Win VM/Win VM-flat.vmdk' : Failed to lock the file (40003) (0x2013).

But the investigation is before the fix, so let´s start with that first.

Like mentioned before the VM is powered off and the file lock message pops up when trying to delete the snapshots.

Definitely a VMware v Sphere bug that can end up nasty when you don´t have any space left on a datastore to move the VM to get the file unlocked and fix a VM snapshot.

opvizor provides a solution called Snapwatcher that can be downloaded on the opvizor website here at opvizor owns ten different rules for detecting different VM snapshot-related errors and problems.

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