Validating forms in dreamweaver 8

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Validating forms in dreamweaver 8

Making sure a Web form collects required information in the appropriate format is known as .

In a nutshell, validation lets you prevent a form from being submitted if information is missing, or information is improperly formatted.

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A Web form is one of the few ways to receive direct feedback from visitors to your site.

For example, when the user enters their email address in the incorrect format and moves on to the next field, you can notify them immediately.Whether it’s to sign up for an e-mail newsletter, search a database of information, or order products online, a Web form collects valuable information that can help both you and your site’s visitors.But only if the information submitted is correct: If a visitor forgets to type in her e-mail address when signing up for an e-mail newsletter, or a visitor accidentally submits a form before filling it out, you can end up with no information at all.Sometimes, you may feel frustrated when you look at the form submissions that you get from a web form and find out that the respondents did not fill in some crucial details.This calls for some details on the form to become mandatory to fill in.

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