Validating a model

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Validating a model

Don’t worry if you didn’t follow my previous tutorial, I will start from scratch again!Since I’m going to start with a fresh Spring project, I’m going to choose for a Spring Boot project.

If you’re using Initializr, make sure you check Web, JPA and HSQLDB because I will be using those to demonstrate how to validate the input of a REST API.Make sure to check out Appendix A to see a list of commonly used properties.Anyways, run your application as a Spring Boot application, either by running the main Application class as a Java application or by running the following command: You could also use the Spring Tool Suite (STS) as an Eclipse plugin or standalone, allowing you to directly run the project as a Spring Boot project.This page presents the phases, deliverables, roles, and tasks for a full performance test project that makes use of several industry best practices and tools for load testing and performance engineering — one of the activities for capacity management of IT Service Management (ITSM).This is a companion to my Sample Load Testing Report "If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing." — W.

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The fundamental horror of this anti-pattern is that it's so contrary to the basic idea of object-oriented designing; which is to combine data and process them together.

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