Validating a form with javascript

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escaping - by -) [0-9] : It matches digital number from 0-9. That means, you could be very sure about the form, whether users have entered the details or not. Validation codes will return an alert message, if it finds some empty fields in the form.

One of the features of HTML5 is the ability to validate most user data without relying on scripts.Login form plays a key role in website development, which authenticate user access to other resources.Here, we are giving our Java Script codes for validating Login form. [A-Z] : It matches characters from uppercase ‘A’ to lowercase ‘Z’. The codes for checking form empty fields are given below: There is an expression that checks whether the string contains only alphabets or not. [a-z] : It matches characters from lowercase ‘a’ to lowercase ‘z’. If by mistake, user skips entering any detail, soon the alert message appear on the form.

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In that case, the form should convey about issue so that user can take the action.

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