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Posted by / 22-Sep-2016 14:40

Click or tap “Change Active Hours” under Update Settings.

You’ll also see a note saying “Some settings are managed by your organization,” informing you that these options can only be changed in Group Policy.

When you set a connection as “metered,” Windows 10 won’t automatically download updates on it.

Windows 10 will automatically set certain types of connections — cellular data connections, for example — as metered.

To disable this later, go back to the Group Policy editor, double-click the “Configure Automatic Updates” setting, and then change it from “Enabled” to “Not configured.” Save your changes, visit the Windows Update pane again, click “Check for updates,” and then select “Advanced options.” You’ll see everything change back to the default setting.

(Windows Update only seems to notice the setting change after you click “Check for updates.”) This option, while it still exists, seems to no longer work in the Anniversary Update for Windows 10, but we’ve left it here in case anyone wants to try it. This setting can be configured in the registry, too.

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