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I am a Service Tech/x-ray repair, and can replace a PC Board if it's straight foward, but if I've got to calibrate or troubleshoot specific components - better leave it to the experts. Is thier a central database of Panasonic Technicians?Hi again Seemingly they need more details at the site Service Request Form?One section of the questionnaire would be all praise, while another section would be anything but.

What was interesting was how it just barely eked out that win.

A cloud in the sky would have almost no detail; instead it would be a white blob.

Reducing the contrast in the user menu only made the picture darker, while keeping the crushed whites.

Most reviewers commented on an apparent lack of detail compared with the other plasmas.

Scott thought that it looked the softest of the three with The Fifth Element.

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Adrienne would have liked the picture to have been a little brighter overall, but not at the expense of the black level.

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