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The two that relate to cursors are: NOT FOUND is shorthand for a class of SQLSTATE values that begin with '02'.It fires when a cursor reaches the end of a data set.At that point, a No Data condition fires with SQLSTATE value '02000'.Some people check for this string literal to detect a NOT FOUND condition, but I personally feel that the NOT FOUND constant is clearer.Cursor declarations must appear after variable and condition declarations but before handler declarations.Also keep in mind that the cursor SELECT statement cannot have an INTO clause; it's strictly read-only.

Add Field_management(source_table,name, FIELD_TYPES[ftype], pres, scale, length, alias, nullable, '', domain) Message("Added '%s' field to \"%s\"" %(name, basename(source_table))) update_fields.insert(join_values.index(fldb), name.encode('utf-8')) # update new fields # # Create Dictionary with That allows us to perform operations on every record on a one-by-one basis.The DECLARE statement declares a cursor and associates it with a SELECT statement that retrieves the rows to be traversed by the cursor. I`m working with Arc GIS 10.2.2 and IDLE Python 2.7.5 I have two tables, table A (top) and table B.I need to read the attributes for the A-table fields for the selected record and write the fields and their attributes to all rows of the B table.

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From the screenshot, looks like you have a one to many relationship between the fields with several road names (import arcpy import os FIELD_TYPES = def Copy Fields(source_table, in_field, join_table, join_key, join_values=[]): """ Copies field(s) from one table to another Required: source_table -- table in which to add new fields in_field -- a field that has common values to a field in the join_table.