Updating ps2 firmware jewdating net

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Updating ps2 firmware

That and switching cables doesn't take nearly as long as a lot of people like to think.And I think that some PS2 games had performance issues when played on a PS3.Why bother to make a market-worthy emulator for free when you can just get it to play whatever publishers are willing to let you sell on PSN? With the massive loss they were taking on hardware to push Blu-ray they needed software sales.They didn't want people using their PS3 as expensive PS2's hence the removal.Following the source code release of SCEDoormat_No ME Rel.3 developer @kr HACKen also posted another utility for the PS2 Community ID_Dumper.this PS2 ELF will dump i Link IDs, CDVD keys (DNAS & SUD), and the PS2HDD ID and more, View how to use instructions and more information about this development utility from kr HACKen.​The PS2 Development continues as Maximus32 has released Ps2Linux v3.8 , this updates provides a number of changes and improvements such as ethernet speed improvements along with MAC spoofing ablities.my question is, does it loose any backward compatibility (playing ps2 or ps1 games from disk) after i install a firmware update?

And the PS2 slims don't require much storage space at all so that's hardly an issue.A little from column A, A little from column BThe PS3 has a half-finished ps2 emulator that is indeed used for ps2 classics.There are ways to utilize this, but they're not allowed to be discussed on gamefaqs. It's compatibility isn't really good enough for the mass-market, so what I figure happened is that Sony originally intended to restore backwards compatibility via firmware updates, but changed their minds halfway through when they saw people still paying for ps2 classics.Now others can see what this developer states is messy but functional code, checkout all the details about the source code release and also details about latest version of R3 included:​This will be invaluable when 1TB internal drives disappear from store shelves Which is closer to becoming a reality than you might think. Enjoy I know we will all eventually need this -Thank You SP193​This developer deserves all the thanks that our community can muster, folks.I for one, wont be letting another day go by without testing it out myself.

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But Sony's P&L statements show inconsistent performance for the past 7 years - if they wanted to show all profits they should have implemented the HD collection and PS2 emu during the PS3's launch window, and not at its end.