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This profile is used to match the participant’s existing skills, knowledge and experiences with the requirements of a job the participant is interested in, as well as to identify new skills they may need to acquire.

Older workers are at an age and stage of life where they no longer take their social, emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual wellness for granted.

Tracking participants over time has proven to be an important part of the Passport to Employment program.

All graduates leave the Passport program "pumped" and anxious to find employment.

I had no idea I have so many skills to bring to the workplace.

Information on participants is gathered and used to track participants, see trends, make program changes, obtain information about types of workplaces and accurately assess the status of participants individually and as groups.Everyone who turns fifty-five wants, more than ever, to remain a productive, engaged individual.Some people do this by leaving the workforce and "being more active than they ever were".Many, however, want to remain in, or return to, the workforce.Passport to Employment is an employee "resource identification" program where older workers identify the existing skills, knowledge and experiences they have obtained over 30 or more years.

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However, if within two months, the mature worker has not found employment, the time spent seeking employment can lessen significantly.

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