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Updating old home wiring

If significant corrosion has occurred then replacement will be necessary. The entrance cable is the large wire that delivers the electricity from the wires coming from the pole to your house to the meter box and panel.This cable has a limited life as the plastic or cloth insulation becomes weather-worn.The cloth wrapped hot and neutral wires travel separately and use white porcelain knobs and tubes to secure to and pass through wood members in the house.You are likely to notice it in the attic or basement, but is likely to be buried in the walls in far greater quantity than what you can see.A surprising number of electrical panels have problems with water seepage and corrosion.

Is there any evidence of damage or deterioration in the panel?

The wiring providing power to the refrigerator, also serves the lighting, and probably other receptacles in the kitchen.

The wire is too small to provide sufficient current to all the outlets, thus causing the lights to dim. In other words, the electrician will install a second wire from the panel to supply current to some of the outlets presently served by only one wire.

This is one of the most common safety defects that inspectors find in electrical panels, and one of the least expensive to correct. Knob-and-tube wiring is indeed an antiquated wiring.

My house has a large amount of old electrical wiring called knob and tube. Knob-and-tube wiring dates from the early 1930s and older.

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The problem is that the ground wire is missing in knob-and-tube wiring, making proper updating impossible without installing new wire.

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