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The "delete log files" was checked and hey, you need that if you are going to be troubleshooting.

I mean can you trust a company that you cannot contact? First you create Spam, and then you want me to pay you for the upgrade??I have a Windows 8 tablet that came with a bunch of stuff pre-installed.I have deleted some of them, some of the little games that I know I won't use, but others I don't know, maybe that one time I'll decide to make my own ringtone and need to use the ringtone editing tool. So I won't delete it, but I'm OK with disabling it.Usually I schedule the scans instead of having them run automatically; this keeps them from tangling up the CPU.AVG's Tuneup extension seemed to have a lot of features that were desirable, such as putting programs you weren't using to sleep if they weren't being used. But it also has some features that you really, really need to read carefully and NEVER run without checking to see what their defaults are.

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That sounds really nice but what AVG actually did was disable Mozilla Firefox Updater, disable Microsoft Office Suite (I was USING Excel and Word in another window AT THE TIME, wtf), and other programs I used all the time.

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