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Updating instances

Such dynamic software updates preserve in-memory state and active connections, thus avoiding the disruption of shutdown-and-restart.

Updates take place quickly, and require no special system support (like redundancy).

You can use it to distribute updates to most types of Splunk Enterprise components: forwarders, non-clustered indexers, and search heads.

For more information, see "Forwarder management overview".

Important: If you are upgrading from a pre-6.0 version of the deployment server, your existing , rather than switching to forwarder management as your configuration tool.

Although its primary purpose is to manage large groups of forwarders, you can use forwarder management to configure the deployment server for any update purposes, including managing and deploying updates to non-clustered indexers and search heads.

For most purposes, the capabilities of forwarder management and the deployment server are identical.

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The deployment server is not supported as a means to distribute configurations or apps to cluster members.

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