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Here's just an example for my motherboard (in your case, files will have different names, of course): Step 3: Burn a bootable CD which will emulate floppy device for us Next step is to burn the floppy image to a CD/DVD-RW media, but in a way that it can be booted afterwards.First we need to make a bootable CD image, and then burn it.BIOS update utilities and files are often provided as files.The BIOS updates work by booting the machine into DOS using a USB or floppy (Free DOS or MS-DOS) and then running an executable to reflash the BIOS.How do you update BIOS when manufactures such as Dell only provide the update via an file?

I would assume that most motherboard manufacturers still have a DOS version of their BIOS updater kicking around?This is a simple, easy way to create a BIOS flash CD. You’ll need to download a BIOS image for your board.For information on what Flash utility to use, a good place to look is your computer manufacturers homepage.BIN file for the i DRAC firmware initially complained of missing packages (ex. We need to create a 2.88MB "floppy" disk image (1.44MB is too small for the uncompressed BIOS code) and mount it. BIN file should be around 1-2MB in size, depending on the BIOS.rpm, stty, gzip, among others) despite gzip being confirmed installed. BIN file and this caused the server to start to reboot and then hang, which after a hard shutdown, and booting into the Lifecycle Controller the firmware was not upgraded. Note that Free DOS doesn't provide an 'empty' 2.88MB boot disk so we need to delete the "fdos" utility folder to get space. One way of getting phlash16has been described previously.

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After downloading the suitable file, use Dos Box to extract it: In the Dos Box window, type the name of the executable.

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