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Fortunately, however, all is not lost, and you can still add artwork to multiple tracks through the track info dialog box. If you’re working with a single track, you’ll need to switch to the “Artwork” tab, while with multiple tracks selected, an “Artwork” section will appear in the main Info tab.

From here, you can drag and drop an image in from Finder or Windows Explorer, or paste an image in from the clipboard using CTRL V (Windows) or CMD V (Mac).

Although i Tunes has a feature for automatically fetching album artwork, there are likely going to be times that you’ll still want to add artwork manually to your tracks, especially for more obscure tracks that you’ve imported from your own collection.

Unfortunately, with the redesign of i Tunes 11, the long-established artwork pane in the bottom left corner disappeared, and with it one of the easier shortcuts for adding and removing album artwork.

For the Album column clicking again on the text will cycle through the options Album, Album by Artist and Album by Artist/Year.

Clicking on the small black triangle in the active column will reverse the order of the list.

Respectfully, Bob Morgan ITunes I tried drag/drop, copy/paste to the add album artwork, using my own jpeg.

Having put my first load of albums onto the ipod, everything was ok.Did you know that i Tunes doesn’t add artwork to your songs, but simply stores the album artwork in a folder on your PC?Using the above mentioned software this will change and album artwork will be tagged directly in your songs.Enable this by clicking the small magnifying glass and Search Entire Library.You may also want to tick other options there to narrow down a search.

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With i Tunes 11 when viewing the library in the Songs or Playlist views for playback you will generally want to sort things on the Album column organized as Album by Artist in ascending order.

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