Unona dating

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Unona dating

Nebuchadnezzar sent his army and laid siege to The City, whose inhabitants became so hungry that they ate their own children.The City fell and was burned and Solomon's Temple on Mount Moriah - The Holy Place - was also destroyed.The conjunction of Saturn; Jupiter and Mercury in Virgo was only made visible due to the simultaneous Solar Eclipse, also in Virgo.The planets were mirroring exactly what was happening on Earth, in Royal Meath in Ireland; that is, that God's Messenger Jeremiah; whom He had sent to protect Teia Tephi, the Virgin daughter of Zedekiah, from the line of king David, by bringing her to Ireland for safety; had completed His mission and was dying, peacefully and contented with a job well done.I cut short a 2 year bespoke development project and bought Asp Net Dating's software instead.

C., which occurred 15 days prior to the Battle of Unna (Destruction).

Zedekiah did not like God's Message and so decided to punish the messenger and put him in prison.

However, that did not prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled, it only made its fulfillment more certain.

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However, in order to decipher the hieroglyphics, one needs to be an expert on both Scriptural Prophecy and Bible history; not archaic sculpture.