Unblocked dating agencies

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Unblocked dating agencies

The company and all theirs reps scam their customers and won't stand behind the products.I will do everything I can to stop them from ripping off other people. Brenda from Canada I was approved by a Beautiful women she had an accent she had me put my hands out and then she proceeded to put some salt on my hands and rub it, minutes later she was spraying my hands with water then she later have me paper towels to dry my hands off and then apply a type of lotion to them.The receipt also had in tiny tiny print "No Returns" but I didn't even get my receipt until after I had purchased.I explained that I did not see this as fair and they did not care, they even tried to sell me 0 worth of "better" product than what I bought! Anyway, this Christmas season, stay away from the Dead Sea Cosmetics stand at your mall!! I was duped into buying 0.00 worth of product (a fast talking salesman and my gullibility).My gf felt Really bad once she realised what happen to her.The other thing as well, is they don't indicate the price anywhere, and on the receipt it does not even show what was bought exactly, just the total sum is shown(another red flag) Anyhow, we certainly were not going to let this happen and would fight it as much as needed to get our her money back.She also told us there was no email address for the customer service department.

Eventually I caved in slightly and bought her a Banana Split (5 dollars) but that wasn't good enough she continued to want me to buy something from her. I was caught up in the moment of a well executed con. I'm one of the lucky ones who gets acne AND wrinkles. After using the products the acne is gone and my fine lines are minimized, especially around the eye area. Do I continue to buy products from a company that I question the business practices of?

We waited on the line for the system to pass through all options before being placed on hold.

The call was on hold for more than three minutes before it was answered by an agent.

When I returned to the stand to return my products, they would not take them back.

They pulled out a tiny "All Sales Final" sign from behind a huge mound of products and told me I should have read the sign.

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