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Tweetdeck was bought out by Twitter a while back and many of the purists could argue that this ruined it.

For example, you can no longer update Facebook from Tweetdeck as Twitter shut down the API to any other network other than their own. It streams better, it searches (and more importantly saves those searches) better than

I like to follow back useful people who favourite and thank people who RT. Keep an eye on it by creating a hashtag column (add columnadd column).

This gives me a really simple way to do it as well as not letting them go unnoticed. I like to keep an eye on the variations of a hashtag too – so if there could be more than one way to type it, search for those.

We do love writing it, but clearly not as much as people like receiving it - just look at the response we got when a technical hitch meant it wasn’t sent out on time! It’s been around for a long time now and has been through a lot of changes.

Before the days of social media management I was a big advocate of Tweetdeck over alternatives like Hootsuite.

You’ll need to create the list and add people to it in but you can add a column in Tweetdeck (add columnselect the correct list) All your account’s lists will be there to chose from so it’s really simple!

You may want another column with different variations of your brand too.

To change this (if you need to) just go to settingsclick ‘make default’ next to your desired account.

If you look after lots of accounts then your timelines will be different too because those accounts will follow lots of different people.

Maybe you have a competitor that you want to keep an eye on, or a favourite tweeter you want to access.

Add a column with just their tweets in (add columnsearch for them in the search box above your other accounts).

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This is the account that you logged in with or the account you’ve set to be the default account.

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