Toronto gay telephone dating services

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Toronto gay telephone dating services

“I want to have a family, and in my application I put 30 to 39 as my age range for a match,” Jones says.

“I was told that there were many women that fit my profile.

During her initial interview, Jones says, the matchmaker told her to write down everything that she was looking for in a potential partner.

"They're not going to be able to keep up with your business activity and they're not going to be able to hold their own in a conversation about world events" He cites a date he had about three weeks ago — arranged by another online dating service — where he took out a woman in her 40s' a low level manager in the financial sector without a university degree and "whose mindset is to look for a partner to nest with in a backyard in Oshawa." Tom had a hunch that the pairing was not going to work when his brand-new Jaguar made his date transparently uncomfortable. "She wasn't used to that and she didn't know how to handle it." To help avoid that kind of unease, Eligon has created a "unique compatibility formula" to match their members.

With the help of Beth Mares, a Toronto psychotherapist and relationship counsellor, Eligon has created a questionnaire that takes into account both fundamental values and common sources of conflict.

"We decided to target toplevel managers, executives and professionals," says Eligon spokeswoman Tatiana Khanberg.

"Dating websites can lead to awkward situations for them.

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People who use online dating services often complain about outdated photos and phony profiles.

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