Tips for dating a bipolar man

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Tips for dating a bipolar man

All the men I've ever adored have asked me about my illness with genuine curiosity.

They know how I act when I’m in a mixed state and what my voice sounds like when I’m depressed.

There's an excitement about not ever being able to predict the emotional weather; but it calls on all your relationship skills.

So here are a few tips on how to "handle" a bipolar person, chosen simply because they reflect how I myself would like to be treated.

But then, simplicity is not what you fell in love with in the first place, is it? Most likely you were attracted to the volatility, the edginess, the uncertainty.

I am bipolar and have been for nearly 30 years now.Here’s my list of rules for dating a person with bipolar disorder: Again, I don’t think this list is exclusive to dating a person who has bipolar disorder. A person with bipolar disorder wants what any other person does from a romantic relationship.We want intimacy, understanding, and ultimately, love.The best other people can do when someone is in a manic or depressive state is to monitor them for any signs of destructive or outlandish behaviour. Keep them in a safe environment and stop them from reckless spending my "holding onto credit cards" and just drip feeding funds as and when.

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It may skulk away in its own good time; but while it's present, you have no choice but to honor it.