The three day rule and dating Free sex chat night

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The three day rule and dating

48 percent of women research their dates before they go out Thanks to the Internet, stalking — er, “research” — has never been easier.

Almost half of the women surveyed by Match said they used Facebook or Google to scope out their dates ahead of time.

“I really do love to know how our phones are influencing our dating!

” dating expert Whitney Casey told, noting that even if we don’t use our phones to contact people we’re dating, we will use the phone to get advice from friends — the old “let me pull up his picture on Facebook and you guys can tell me if you think he’s cute” approach.

What’s the point in waiting three days to find out whether your date liked you back?

Ask the day after the date, and then you can either arrange another date and start to develop a relationship, or simply move on quickly. Unfortunately we often seem to have a habit of seriously over complicating things!

First up is the ever persistent “3 day rule”, which frankly deserves to be kicked to the kerb forever. Everybody knows that it only takes a few seconds to write a text message, no matter how busy they are. It could backfire Let’s say you do decide to wait a few days to text or call someone after a really nice date, or to reply to a message your date has sent you.“We don’t use social media to date — no one says ‘I am going to like his picture on Instagram so he’ll like me,’” she said.Daters also revealed they don’t want to use Face Time or Skype until they’re further along in a relationship, because who wants to show off a messy apartment or bad hair day online?“The amount of information you can find out about somebody before your date can be really nice because you can see that you have some mutual friends,” Casey said.Only 7 percent of people meet their boyfriend/girlfriend at a bar “You feel like it’s such a meat market, but no one’s actually meeting,” Casey said of the atmosphere at bars and clubs.

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