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The hookup walkthrough dating justin

After talking 2 him meet him inside the club 24.)this is the MC Tuff Luv scenario that people seem to be replaying I havent figured out wuts wrong n Im guessing is a bug. N e way after u finish the scenario.dylan comes out again n u have an IC wit him 25.)after winning the IC he says this n that n blah blah blahthen its time for the summer party!!! then exit out of inkwell 5.)in 1 game hour ull get a text message 4rm matthew asking if u can meet him at his work (egg art gallery)when u meet him hell ask u on a date 2 the great wall at the next night (check ur planner 4 more details) 6.)kill timeu can use this time 2 ask the characters (every1 except claire, melissa, and matthew) about matthewthen meet matthew at the great wall. 7.)after the date go n talk 2 melissashell ask u 2 meet her at pretty vacant the next day at pm 8.)the next daymeet melissa at pretty vacant. after that u 2 will go 2 the EGG, then after that the both of u will regroup at the beanery. The 19-year-old model's Twitter account appeared to be hacked, tweeting about her eating disorder, father Bruce Jenner's alleged sex change, as well as intimate relationship with the Canadian pop star.The messages were immediately removed, and she has yet to comment.if he doesnt ask u ryte awayjuss keep talking about CLAIRE until one of replies to hime is Id love to meet u at pm 11.)kill time until the date. hell ask u if u wanan see his friend DJing at the club n say yes. finish the scene 18.)after finishing the scene megan will text u 2 go n meet her at magilcuttys.

i usually say shes says hes not 13.)then go 2 the bookstore n get the artbook from dylan. hell ask u if u wanna go 2 the club n see melissa perform. 4.)the next dayi highly recommend going to find dylan n ask him about claire n hell give u secrets n rumors to use in an IC with her 5.)u have the IC with her when u go into the beanery n talk 2 sara.claire then comes in 6.)after the IC talk 2 sara again n ask her about CLaires harem joke."They had a secret date at a Clippers game on March 20," a source told In Touch."He was touching her leg and kissing her cheek." "When Kendall talks about Justin, her face lights up," the source continued.

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If you have any technical problems with that game, please visit that forum and post about your problem there: i think the game has a bug, i've got the speech window stuck at the bottom of the screen.

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