The 7 day dating and relationship plan good opening email dating site

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Her work schedule is basically 8-6 on weekends with potential for later, but she usually ends the day around 5-6 the latest.

It can't be healthy working 7/7 so I would hope she's looking into a career upgrade.

On Day 3, surprise your partner with sex at an unexpected time. To keep things interesting, switch up your typical love-making routine by trading top/bottom positions with your partner. Instead, key up the romance by planning a dreamy date night that brings you back to your dating days. Close out your 7-Day Intimacy Challenge by talking with your partner during or after sex.

Get things started in the morning, or head into the bedroom before dinner to spice things up at night. The simple act of changing your vantage point will add a dose of excitement to keep you both in the game. Whether it's the living room, the guest bedroom--or the car if you're feeling crazy--you'll see each other in a whole new light. Studies show that date nights actually increase sexual satisfaction in both men and women, so expect great things. An open conversation about your physical intimacy will continue the momentum you've built over the past week.

I can do things she may not be interested in on my time. The negatives: She is not avavilable for any late-ish date nights.

There is very little spontanaity due to always having to plan everything ahead of time.

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She really really wants a family (husband/kids), but she works 7 days a week. Is her work schedule likely to change once she achieves her goals & how long does she think it will take to achieve said goals?