Table mismatch updating intel amt

Posted by / 24-Jun-2015 14:36

Table mismatch updating intel amt

The DB still shows old FQDN's and discovery is saying there is a mismatch error. The source used to configure the FQDN setting (hostname.suffix) in the Intel AMT device is defined in the configuration profile.

The profile includes several options that you can use to define how the FQDN of the device will be constructed.

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The AMT firmware is stored in the same SPI flash memory component used to store the BIOS and is generally updated along with the BIOS.

FWH (Firmware Hub) or LPC firmware storage is not supported for AMT.

First Question: Why am I getting 2 CTL-S messages to enter the setup? Can I put in a delay in the BIOS or somewhere so that I can see the full content of message?

Second Question Why/What are these mismatch table messages I am getting? Anxious user that something is going to go horrible wrong one day and I am going to lose all access to the laptop.

These changes can include changing the hard disk, replacing the operating system, or re-assigning the computer to a different user.

not a 100% sure as again it disappears very quickly.

These messages appear after the 2 CTRL-S messages in the BIOS startup, don't know why I get this prompt twice, any idead?

For example Dell laptops shipped with the SOL and IDER disabled in the BIOS, but a new firmware update enables them, or a desktop running AMT 2.1 can be upgraded to AMT 2.2 which enables Remote Configuration.

No matter the reason, often a firmware upgrade will be beneficial to v Pro systems, and this article covers how to deploy firmware updates using Altiris Software Delivery Solution.

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