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Consider: The Project X 7", the New York Crew 7", the Firestorm 7", all of Chokehold’s, there are all mandatory listening for every edgeman, and they are all 7" records.More could be added, but for the sake of brevity, we will not now mention them Please stay tuned for our next essay on Sex and The Straight Edge.It was actually he who gave it it’s name, as he had just eaten mashed potatoes with his dinner before attending a hard-core show, and finding himself needing the use the restroom and none being available, he began to kick, punch, and otherwise abuse the air around him in a desperate fit of rage.Others saw him and finding it to be cool, imitated him.The creator later discontinued and then deleted the list, out of compassion and sympathy for these fallen former sisters and brothers. We advise the reader to be careful and if necessary, consult the leader of their local lodge.In a spirit of charity, and as a warning to younger edgemen, we here have decided to re-instate the edge break list. Please stay with us for our next chapters, where we will give an over-view of the structure of the International Straight Edge Society and it’s extraordinary council.Everyone should own enough that they never have to repeat the same shirt in a two-week span.15-30 is an absolute minimum, 60 being a good average.

This will keep the collar and the rest of the shirt form being stretched out.

It allows you have a special dominating presence in the pit, and as we know from a previous chapter, moshing, also known as pitting, is incredibly and crucially The road trip also ensures that one brings along friends who know the words to your band or to a particular band you all want to see, thus ensuring a successful crucial singalong, which we have also talked about in previous chapters. As of late, one of our contributers has found herself too busy to research topics, and while she will stay on staff, we are looking for a third contributor to help make sure dead periods no longer occur. If you are into bondage, using 4-sided t shirts instead of ropes makes your edge stronger and stronger with each knot. ” when nearing climax and playing your favorite 2-step part increases sexual pleasure 30-fold.

The road-trip also is a sign of the Bonds Of Friendship that exist between each bands and before not drinking, smoking, or doing drugs. Please submit proof of your Straight Edge in the form of show photos or collected merch, and a sample article for consideration. And of course, needless to say, One of the other most crucial and important parts of the Straight Edge Lifestyle is record collecting.

Not a lot of people know what being straight edge is.

I made this wiki so i could inform people about the straight edge life style.

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Older edgemen may remember a page on the internet website ‘How’s Your Edge?