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A silversmith by trade, Revere was also one of the most skilled producers of copper engravings of his era.He acted sometimes as town dentist, wiring dentures made of walrus ivory into the mouths of his patients. But alas, Revere’s most famous line is one he never said — “The British are coming!Charles Koch is CEO and co-owner of Koch Industries, a corporation with major oil interests.Along with his brother David Koch, he has donated millions to groups that spread climate misinformation.But they wanted to celebrate their warrior culture, so they adapted the funeral tradition and expanded it even more.They gradually replaced the religious significance of the sacrifice with pure, lurid spectacle.

The Roman Empire had been built by centuries of invasion, enslavement, and bloodshed, but the city of Rome itself had been insulated from the real violence of war since the rise of the first emperor Augustus in the year 31 BCE.The emperor Constantine I halfheartedly tried to abolish the practice in 325, but without success.The emperor Honorius closed down the gladiator schools in 399 but allowed the games to continue until 404, when a Turkish monk named Telemachus tried to stop two gladiators from killing each other.Some specialized in hunting wild animals like lions, rhinos, elephants, and hippopotamuses, which were imported to Rome specifically for the games.As Christianity took root, the gladiatorial bouts slipped in popularity.

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The Roman senator and philosopher Seneca described a day of gladiatorial combat: “All the previous fighting had been merciful by comparison. At midday they are thrown to the spectators themselves. And all this goes on while the arena is half empty.” Few gladiators enjoyed long lives.