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As shallow as a 20-minute interview can be, at least it’s a 20-minute interview.

There’s an opportunity for follow-up questions and a genuine interchange.

It’s going to be interesting to hear how Herrick feels about this process after next year’s summer program (and interesting to hear how applicants felt about going through it).

For now though, someone out there is taking a chance on a new approach and in this industry that sort of bold thinking is a rarity worth encouraging.

In a way, the traditional model of flitting from one isolated interaction to another is actually more like speed dating than what Herrick’s doing.

That talk definitely couldn’t have developed in the Herrick model.

Could my connection have really formed after 5 minutes? When stories add up about how introverts make as good, if not better, lawyers, Herrick has to worry that some of their best opportunities are slipping away because they just can’t shine in the tight, high energy format of speed dating.

Finding the Missing Middle—Expanding Middle-Income Housing Options Thursday, October 13, 2016, Arlington, VA Is it time to focus on how Arlington’s housing market works for its middle-income population?

What design, financial, and regulatory initiatives could help us better serve downsizing seniors, young families growing out of their condos, newcomers to the community experiencing sticker shock?

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