Speed dating janesville wisconsin

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Speed dating janesville wisconsin

Cellkraft was founded in the year 2000 developing fuel cells for advanced applications.In parallel with that development, products to solve humidification needs for laboratories and industrial customers were developed.I’ve always said bag like “bay-g”, and I’ve been in a few in depth discussions about it with non-Wisconsinites.At least we don’t call it a “sack” like people from the southern U. When you hear Wisconsin folks ask you for a favor and then add “real quick” or “really quick” to the end of it, we aren’t talking about speed.It’s also a dead give away that you live in some part of the northern Midwest.Up Nort’ isn’t a specific location, it’s a state of being.And because of this northern European influence, we tend to drop the “th” and replace it with a “d” – creating words like dis, dat, dem, dere, dese or dose.

It’s about sounding less aggressive or like you’re not demanding too much. I’ve been made fun of a time or two for asking where the bubbler is when I was outside of my home state.

In Wisconsin, you can always go Up Nort’ – until you get to Lake Superior.

This phrase enters my conversations multiple times a day.

I’m guilty of this one for sure, and I didn’t really even know that people elsewhere say traffic lights!

Since red means stop and green means go, stop ‘n go lights are a way better name.

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Technically, it could be stop, slow, ‘n go, but yellow has become more of a – hurry up and get through it before it turns red – kind of light anyway.

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