Speed dating in leamington spa

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It is really unnerving when the brake is applied and nothing happens!

This is because the brake pads are just rubbing on ice.

'(Above-Left) A small section of map from Ian Allan's 'Famous Trains No 6 - The Queen of Scots' by G Freeman Allen in which the author describes the route from Kings Cross to Glasgow.Class 8F No 48550 provides ample power for an unfitted goods from Cambridge (marginally longer than the locomotive); the 8F is climbing from Sandy to the flyover junction across the ECML just north of the station.Note the spotters on the far embankment and the loose-coupled coal train awaiting signals on the ECML's up slow line in the foreground.Mine was a world of emerging affluence as the country clawed its way out of the post-war doldrums; it was an old-fashioned, moral world where authority was respected and although the rationing of sweets ended in February 1953 (followed by sugar rationing in September) Britain remained firmly in the grip of post-war austerity.In fact the emerging communist-controlled Eastern Bloc was now perceived to be the new enemy of the capitalist West.

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