Speed dating for real people

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Speed dating for real people

Have a truly enjoyable time meeting new people Meeting new people is supposed to be fun, right? We combine authentic connection exercises with short conversations in a warm, convivial container. And I've certainly never shared a belly laugh with anyone at a speed dating event before! No other "singles" event offers this kind of guarantee.

Our events are fun, low pressure, a little edgy, and really engaging.

Now I kind of know what it’s like to have dated outside of my race, there’s a first for everything. One man was a poet, who had been on five speed dates already.

Outside of race, the men had different personalities and lifestyles. Others came from other cities outside Chicago but were trying to find fun, social things to do in the city; it was a relief to not be the only rookie there. This one guy comes up to me, and as I turn in my seat to look at him, he has this “oh crap, she’s black” look on his face and that was enough for me right there.

They didn’t mention spiritual or political affiliation at all. Some of them were actually decent looking, I said some.

Nevertheless, each one was special in their own way, and I can accept that.

Most parties and "singles" events aren't designed to make that happen.

His body language was defensive and not welcoming, we didn’t share too many interests, and we had several gaps of silence between us…the longest…six minutes…ever.

As a busy woman, the idea seemed alluring, but I wondered how can people go on speed dates and honestly establish a legitimate connection.

If you’re curious too but have always wanted to try it, don’t worry because I’ve tried it out for you.

While some Christians may feel that speed dating is a bit worldly, there are single ministries and organizations that host Christian-themed speed dating and mingling events.

Personally, I think it’s worth a try because, in essence, you are meeting dozens of people in a controlled setting where you are not obligated to give out anything more than you name and age; everything else you disclose is up to you.

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Before I turned 30, I wanted to give speed dating a try.

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