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Soulmates dating review

If you wanted to be pedantic, its not quite a swap, since the doll didnt have a mind or soul to swap with, and Rays body ends up dead, but he definitely jumps bodies. A couple of the verge of breaking up: TV presenter Brett (Guy Pearce) and science journalist Tash (Claudia Karvan). Tash wishes that Brett could know what its like to be her, and because its a full moon, her wish is granted. Consequences: Trapped in one anothers bodies for an entire lunar cycle, the unlikely couple learn to appreciate one another and live happily ever after. How They Swapped: Again, technically, this isnt a body swap its a face swap, as Archer gets a surgeon to give him Troys face so he can go undercover and root out his accomplices. Consequences: Archer nearly ends up getting stuck with his new face and left in prison forever, while Troy runs riot using Archers face for credibility.Consequences: An evil, unstoppable doll goes on a killing spree, and a whole new horror franchise is born. Mean but popular girl Jessica Spencer (a pre-Regina George Rachel Mc Adams) and petty criminal Clive (Rob Schneider). But in the end, Archer kills Troy and nabs his face back.How They Swapped: Via magic fortune cookies at their local Chinese restaurant.Consequences: Anna and Tess have to live one anothers lives until they can demonstrate selfless love for one another.How They Swapped: Via magic mind transference potion. Consequences: Just mild awkwardness, really, as Chriss popularity at school takes a hit, and Jacks reputation among his colleagues similarly drops. How They Swapped: Technically, this isnt a swap, since Jake doesnt exist as a separate being but its a badly timed power cut and a virtual reality machine that catapults Justines mind into Jakes virtual body. Consequences: Some mild reputation-denting dramas, as the squabbling sisters try to cause trouble for one another by dressing in ridiculous clothes and annoying their friends.Consequences: General hilarity, plus a lesson or two on what its like to be a teenage boy. Outgoing older sister Alexia (Katherine Heigl) and nerdy younger sister Hayley (Danielle Harris). But since wish-granting stars are easy to come by, they dont have to spend long in the wrong bodies.

Consequences: Mitch-as-Dave nearly destroys an important business deal, while Dave-as-Mitch gets an ill-advised tattoo.

Consequences: Mike gains a better understanding of his daughter and also realises that hes wasting his life by being miserable, so he takes the opportunity to get his shit together and change career. Rich but ungrateful couple Tim (John Hubbard) and Sally (Carole Landis). Next door neighbours Woody (Kevin Zegers) and Nell (Samaire Armstrong).

How They Swapped: By making a wish in front of Mr Ram, an Indian idol they were given by a friend (or possibly a frenemy, considering). How They Swapped: By having an argument in front of a statue of Tezcatlipoca at their local museum.

Consequences: Ione saves the world by going to prom with the boy her mother rejected, and learns to love the 90s. How They Swapped: Josh makes a wish using an antique fortune telling machine at a carnival, and the eerie Zoltar grants his wish to be made big. Josh is woefully unequipped to handle the adult world, but somehow manages to find a home and a job anyway, while his parents search in vain for their missing child.

Maybe the weirdest part of his early adulthood is that he begins a romance with an adult woman, which is actually really creepy. Allen) and her 30-year-old self (Jennifer Garner), seventeen years down the line.

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