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Something awful dating

The community dynamic at Something Awful changed significantly over the years, from a community dedicated to humor, to a community filled with butthurt aspies with broken hugboxes, and now to a cadre of batshit feminists, trannies, black-identifying whities, and other social justice types who regularly check their asswipe for privilege.

None of the Something Awful writers have yet to acknowledge the irony of making a comedic career out of ridiculing the type of sad basement dwelling otaku who beat one off to cartoons and update their Live Journal obsessively with every thought that pops into their vapid minds, and then turning around and bombarding you with the exact same thing.Perhaps the reason his cartoons are the definition of unfunny is because Shmorky is actually an undercover furry who made Living in Greytown and Lizard, a pair of very unfunny comics, and is hoping to bring Something Awful down from the inside.This is when they review really gross porn and the people who read it pretend they aren't aroused by it, then immediately download it and jack off to it.Where all of the awful photoshops that were even too poorly made to get into Photoshop Phriday go.Also full of anecdotes written by forum members, most of which revolve around the social retardation that emanates from someone who pays money to use a message board.

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We can’t please everyone which I guess why these spin-off sites exist.

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