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Here are 13 celebrities who've been lonely enough to brave the world of online dating.

Looking for love online isn't just for weirdos and pervs anymore.

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We can’t speak for where these people who got rejected are now, but we’ve got a feeling they’ve been forced to take on completely new identities and have adopted a radical lifestyle in some far-off land where online dating doesn’t exist: Thanks to Distractify and Someecards for some of the photos used in this gallery. Then check out these savage Reddit roasts and funniest Tinder pickup lines of all time!

Most women who have dared to wander the ravaged halls of online dating have seen their fair share of hideous trolls.

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And when there's a lot of hurt, some pretty nasty things can happen...

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  1. (Oh, the amount of dumb blondes, brunettes, redheads and "netflix and chill" hookups that I got on tinder or craigslist. I've had many relationships, fucked a lot of (ugly) girls in orgies and I have lots of experience with many of these (free) adult dating sites.