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“I’d forgotten just how much of a feeding frenzy online dating is,” sighed my friend Emma.

She’d just broken up with her boyfriend and had reactivated her OKCupid account.

There’s nothing like seeing “Can I cum on your tits?

Moreover, the number of women who are willing to just leap into bed with somebody that they’ve never even met in person is so small as to be nonexistent.

There are plenty of people online who are quite open to some no-strings attached nookie from the right guy, girl or various combinations thereof.

Back in my single days, there was a point where I was using OKCupid like a sex ATM.

As it was, she was trying to adjust the quality of interest by systematically weeding out all of the apparent creeper-bait from her profile; she’d had to switch from “bi” to “straight” when the only responses she’d gotten were from guys.

“At least this time I’m not getting deluged in offers from older guys and couples who’re looking for a third.” Being able to experience online dating from a woman’s perspective – if at one step removed – is something of an eye-opener to just how many guys seem determined to make sex vanish into thin air.

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The cold truth is that you’re not going to get responses to 80% of the emails you send out. Plus: why would you want to even plant the idea that you’re undatable in anybody’s head in the first place? Over the last week, somebody posted what may well be the greatest Craigslist personals ad in history.

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