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Siglaunch not updating *The Golden Khanate -- Dwayne *The Haruchai and The Elohim -- Eluros -- Thieves Guild Of Arkenstone/ *There & Back Again -- Delca -- https:// And Back Agin *Tol Acharn -- Arenuil -- Acharn. We Fight For https:// Kin: Franklin's Riders Leader: Trayk Alternate Contacts: Spacy, Randomizo In the process of consolidated several different forums (for several different games) and making a single web site. Also, as a player who's starting to consider joining a kinship with my less solo-capable characters, it would be helpful if more than two kins had entries on

*Shadowfall -- Kyralis *Shadows Of Eriador -- Arkhon -- gid=114938 *Southern Star -- Scruffynerf -- Stars. Swiftyand *Swords and Spirits -- Edwardus -- Spirits. *The Strength of the Heir -- Joego -- Strength Of The Heir. *Tempest's Spine -- Trissah *The Eregion Guardians -- Zanorra -- Guardians. Of-Retribution *The House Targaryen -- Wolffis *The Last Great Alliance -- Dmitrion https:// *The Thieves Guild -- Nicademis -- https://

*KAOS -- Voalden -- Ancient Oath Sworn.*Leaders of The Path -- Aegalafin -- https:// Oz https:// *Phoenix Rising -- Horddin *Pipeweed and Ale *Pipeweed and Mead -- Jhwen *Rare Breed/ -- Hafwen -- Rare Breed.Feel free to post any additional info in your request such as Officers, Contact Info, or Kin Focus (Raid, Pv MP, Casual, etc). Simply /joinchannel GLFK and use it to advertise your Kin/Tribe or to find a new one for those looking.Helps keep the spam out of /World and the world out of Kin *Tomb Raiders -- Tanthalias -- https:// That looks to me like a potentially useful site, *Two or More Gathered -- Thorflak -- Or More Gathered. More useful than the in-game recruiting tells I sometimes get, and the info would be much easier to access than digging through this forum and the linked web pages.

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