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Shelby lynne dating whom

I just believe everybody should be nice to everybody.

We were just babies." While it's safe to assume "child prodigy" is a term that fits both sisters, one thing anyone who has met Lynne, or at least read about her, in the past two-plus decades knows is that also labeling her "outspoken" is putting it mildly — or, as she herself might suggest in her distinctive Southern drawl, "fuckin' mildly." And although she doesn't often relive the past, preferring to "Be in the Now," just as one of the songs on the new album suggests, Lynne does occasionally conjure up particularly strong childhood memories with her intricately detailed, vivid lyrics.So when you involve your own stories with it, which is the goal, it's a combination of something that's already there and hopefully something to come." As open as she was to the idea of merging the two musical cultures on record, Lynne always intended to return to the Palm Springs area, where she has lived for nearly two decades, to finish recording.Although what she left behind (and rarely looks back at) was a turbulent upbringing in Alabama, where she and younger sister Allison Moorer (who released her own exceptional album, , in March) endured the horrific shooting death of their mother at the hand of their father. Life in the Moorer household up to that point, however, was one that included plenty of music.So, before the fucking record came out, I hated the song.I don't sing the songs any more than one or two times.

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