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Part 1 determines whether a behavior is weird: sadistic, masochistic, or centered on a child, or transvestic for example.

These are all pretty easy to code as different from hetero-normative sexuality and different from each other, thus meeting the reliability criteria well.

Furthermore, labeling and stigma are the prime suspects in guilty and ashamed clients whose behavior is highly consensual.

In most cases, a therapeutic goal of overcoming the stigma will be justified.

It is a disadvantage for many such clients to start with an authoriatative-sounding diagnosis.

Personality disorder is the likely characteristic of persons whose variant behavior harms others while the client reports low subjective distress.

It is this second part that is problematical in the view of Foucault cited above.

The scientific jury is still largely out as to whether effective neurological agents might not be developed to treat excessive or unwanted sexual behavior, and their is big money at stake, and Psychiatry, psychotherapy, and religious ideologists all have some vested interest in showing that they have explanatory power in understanding problems of sexual behavior above and beyond the client’ self-definition.

That is pretty obvious in those that label homosexual, consensually non-monogamous, or consensual BDSM behaviors as pathological or addicted by definition.

But that is exactly what the DSM - IV and 5 systems do if they go beyond subjective client distress.

This biases such treatment by making acceptance of the label ‘addict’ a quantification to do treatment, and makes that acceptance an integral part of treatment for clients.

While there can be little objection to self-labeling in chemical addictions where the behavior of taking drugs for recreational purposes is illegal, it is objectionable to advocate complete abstinence for otherwise healthy sexual behaviors, This labeling problem becomes particularly problematic when social prejudices and religious attitudes contest with the scientific criteria for defining sexual behaviors that are in social dispute such as homosexuality, variant gender expression, BDSM and polyamory.

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